FénixDion’s upcoming debut ‘Sugar’ is ‘an album of transformation’

It’s the drums and guitar that lead the party on “Sugar,” the new song we’ve been spinning from Minneapolis band FénixDion. But it’s not about thundering stomps or acrobatic strumming – this is music that’s built around crafty textures that set the stage and create the groove that drives the song. Think Curtis Mayfield crossed with elements of Beck and Prince and you get a sense of what to expect. Check it out above. 

The brand-new band consists of guitarist Keston Wright and drummer Sam Bramble, who, according to a recent article in Spill Magazine, spent a year in the studio before unleashing their music on the Twin Cities community this summer. 

“It all comes from the African diaspora,” Keston says of the music that has shaped American artists over the decades (and centuries). And on the duo’s upcoming album (also called Sugar), he says he “just wanted to take all of that back and put it into rock music and write music that is not going to be perceived as, like, a pro-Black record. But the content is like hella pro-Black.”

“It’s an album of transformation,” Keston continues. “That’s why I wanted to name the project FénixDion, because of the archetype of the Phoenix: burning away all that doesn’t resonate within you, so you can be reborn into your truest self.”

“This is the simplest music I’ve ever written,” he continues. “And it’s probably the deepest music I’ve ever written.”



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