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Emma Rose talks Sound of Honey, Big Richard on Mile High Stash podcast

Emma Rose Mile High Stash interview sound of honey

Colorado writer and musician Adam Perry hosts a weekly podcast called Mile High Stash. Each Monday he drops a new episode featuring an interview with a Colorado musician or artist.

Recently, Mile High Stash interviewed Colorado musician Emma Rose, who just released a new album under the band name Sound of Honey. Rose also plays with the Colorado Sound Music Award winners Big Richard.

During their conversation, Rose talks to Mile High Stash about her upbringing in Colorado towns such as Fort Collins, Longmont, and Jamestown; her choice of eschewing college for following a dude to Austin, Texas and playing music there; and then finding a home in Colorado again as an adult.

She also talks about the formation of Big Richard, as well as her debut album with her band Sound of Honey, which just dropped last month. 

Below are a few highlights from the interview:

On playing bass: 

“I remember the first note I played on [the bass] and it was just, like, ‘This is so big.’ As a sixth-grader I was blown away by the power I felt in the note. As the only bass player in the orchestra I really loved having control over that sound, in such a big ensemble.”

On coming of age musically in Austin: 

“I got my ass handed to me a lot musically in that time. I just had a lot of hard lessons musically and learned a lot about bluegrass. At the same time that I was doing that I found a really beautiful community of songwriters. I learned a lot about my own songwriting from those guys while I learned a lot about bluegrass. I spent two years doing that, and then I came back to Colorado in 2019 and was reestablishing myself as an adult instead of the kid that I left as.”

On Big Richard’s upcoming debut album of originals:

“If I want to be on the album I need to come up with some fucking songs that Big Richard can do. I don’t know how to do that, so that’s been the biggest part for me. But we have a producer lined up and he’s really into live recordings, so we’re gonna do a lot of live takes, trying to capture the energy more than perfecting anything. Our band is way more about the energy. It’s a fun live band and we want to make sure we capture that on our record.” 

Listen to the full Mile High Stash interview with Emme Rose on your favorite streaming service. Or visit the Mile High Stash website for past episodes and more information on the show and host Adam Perry.


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