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7 Questions with Elephant Revival

Elephant Revival press photo by Glenn Ross
Credit: Elephant Revival by Glenn Ross

After their first show at the Gold Hill Inn back in 2006, Elephant Revival grew to become one of Colorado’s most beloved folk bands. A half-dozen releases and countless live shows later, the band took a hiatus in 2018, after which bandmember Daniel Rodriguez embarked on a solo career. Now the band has regrouped with an updated lineup.

Ahead of their show March 25 at Mission Ballroom, the band talks about their new lineup, the Colorado music scene, and future plans for the group.

What’s the makeup of the current lineup of the band?  

The current lineup of the band is the same as our last show at Planet Bluegrass; Dango Rose, Charlie Rose, Bridget Law, Darren Garvey, Daniel Sproul and me, Bonnie Paine.

 Are there plans for a new record? 

 Possibly! There’s certainly enough material that we’re enjoying exploring but we’re just leaning in. 

You’re headlining the Mission Ballroom in Denver.  That’s a long way from that first show at Gold Hill Inn! This has got to feel great after taking a few years off and especially with a new lineup. 

Yes! I love the Mission Ballroom! The sound and feel of the place are great and we are excited to get to play there. 

Daniel Sproul is pretty well known as the guitarist for the band Rose Hill Drive. What’s it been like having a rock guitarist in the band? How will that reshape the sound that so many fans have known you for? 

It’s a fun adventure playing with Daniel, beyond what we imagined. He listens and responds in such a uniquely attentive way; sometimes ethereal and then so poignantly pronounced. This is very reflective of his kind and sincere nature. 

Our sound has always been pretty dynamic but the gentle acoustic and then vibrant tasteful electric tones he brings while leaving room for the spaces in between certainly has increased the threshold of those dynamics. 

We have also been exploring some more symphonic tones at times and have all really been enjoying playing with him. 

Can you tell us what part, if at all, the Colorado music scene has played a part in the band’s success? 

I would say the musical gatherings and openness to spontaneous musical guesting part of the Colorado music scene has helped us grow as musicians and opened up different kinds of opportunities for us. 

Bridget has been playing with her husband Tierro’s band. Will that continue?  

As we’re only playing a few shows, Bridget will continue also playing with the Tierro Band and Dango, Charlie, Darren and Daniel have all recorded and released music with various projects recently that they will also continue to play with. I am in the midst of recording some of my songs that I hope to share in the near future. 

What’s been the best part of the past year, as the band has been coming back and playing together? 

It’s been fun to rediscover the music. Most of us have known each other for most of our lives and it’s neat to come back together and notice and even celebrate how each other has grown. I’ve loved having the time off to write and be with loved ones but am really excited to be making music together.

Elephant Revival plays the Mission Ballroom on March 25, 2023.

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