Interview: Ed O'Brien of Radiohead - The Colorado Sound

Interview: Ed O’Brien of Radiohead

Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien will release Earth, his solo debut, on Friday. Photo: Courtesy the artist

Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien hadn’t planned to make a solo album. 

“Thom (Yorke), Jonny (Greenwood) and Phillip (Selway) are making music… The last thing the world needs is an album by me,” he said in a release leading up to his new album, Earth.

Friday, the result is in – when one of the most eagerly awaited albums this year arrives. Earth is O’Brien’s debut, and it is being released under the name EOB.

Earth, he tells Margot, is an album that intended to show light and hope in changing times.

Expect an album that sounds a lot like Radiohead – while showcasing a new sound for O’Brien. Early singles hint at more adventurous combinations, such as the kaleidoscopic folk-house single, “Brasil.”

In the interview, O’Brien talks about the new album, the influence of living in Brazil, and more, including an update on his health – which is significantly improved since posting on social media about possible coronavirus symptoms.