Conrad Mata goes for vamp and camp on ‘Nosferatu’

Colorado native Conrad Mata is both an actor and a musician, a guy who loves musicals like School of Rock as well as writing crafty pop songs. All that’s present on his 2022 song “Nosferatu,” which despite being about a lover/vampire is way more vampy/campy than it is scary. “When you leave me lying lifeless on the floor/as you’re walking to the door I’m screaming/’Glad I met you!’,” he sings.

Mata describes his music as a mix of “bedroom pop” and “pop punk.” His approach to songwriting, however, is pretty unique. 

“My favorite songs are the ones that you turn on and for some reason, in my brain, they always look like rooms,” he told 303 Magazine. “Like I can feel the interior design of that song. That’s how I create music.”

Conrad Mata

He goes on to say that his music is a way to embrace his cultural background. “It’s trying to bring in that Latin sound in whatever way possible. It feels like paying homage to ancestors I don’t even know that got me here.”


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