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Winners of the 2022 Colorado Sound Music Awards

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Update: the 2nd annual Colorado Sound Music Awards are coming soon, watch for an announcement on Aug. 1! 

You voted, we tallied the results, and now we are thrilled to announce the winners you chose for our first-ever Colorado Sound Music Awards

Big Richard has won the On the Rise category, which highlights a band that is busting onto the Colorado music scene and gaining attention and traction. The Gasoline Lollipops earned the most of your votes to win the Colorado Spirit category, highlighting an artist or band that truly embodies the spirit and soul of Colorado. Burgeoning rock trio the Velveteers won the category for Outstanding Stage Presence, for their tremendous live shows. Daniel Rodriguez won for Outstanding ‘Secret Ingredient,’ based on his outstanding work as a solo artist and member of Elephant Revival. And he fifth was a write-in category open to any active Colorado artist, and you chose to once again honor the Gasoline Lollipops as the Artist or Band You’d Drive 105.5 Miles to See. 

Thank you for supporting the Colorado music community!

Meet the 2022 Winners

Below is a list of the winners in each category, with links to an exclusive interview and write-up on each artist. 

On The Rise – Big Richard

Big Richard colorado sound music awards winner

The members of Big Richard are all well-known Colorado talents, and together they’re like superheroes assembling to fight evil, or at least the status quo. The act’s sets mix energetic, almost punk-rock versions of traditional songs such as “Greasy Coat” with originals and curveball covers of Billie Eilish and more.

“When you unite with multiple powerful forces you’re always going to have more of an impact,” said bandmember Bonnie Sims. “When you get in with three other people who also lead bands and can be the center of a group, the sum is always gonna be greater….” read more


Colorado Spirit – Gasoline Lollipops

gasoline lollipops band 2022

“We seem to attract the best people – the ones that are community-oriented instead of sort of the capitalist model of ‘Every man for himself,'” said bandleader Clay Rose “All the fans of GasPops are a community and I’ve watched them all help each other through hard times and through obstacles in a way that I didn’t really think people came together. I’ve seen it exemplified by the people that surround us….” read more

Outstanding Stage Presence – the Velveteers

velveteers lisa siciliano dog daze
Photo courtesy Lisa Siciliano/Dog Daze Photo

“Once we all get on stage it’s sort of like we become possessed,” says singer/guitarist Demi Demitro. “There’s just a crazy energy that begins to run through us all. The audience’s energy is just as important as ours, so we love to see our crowd go crazy and perform, too….” read more

Outstanding Secret Ingredient – Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez

“A lot of bands like to come to Colorado from out of state because of how people here embrace music,” says Daniel Rodriguez. “People do a really wonderful job of realizing what’s right here in their backyard, which I’m really grateful for, along with the natural aspect of it. You just get out and everything just kind of feeds the artistry of what you’re doing….” read more

Band You’d Drive 105.5 Miles to See – Gasoline Lollipops

gasoline lollipops band

“Most of the regulars that come and dance each night are putting out 100%,” says bandleader Clay Rose. “I show up with all the grief and anxiety and rage that’s accumulated and I pump it into that microphone just to stay sane and stay alive….” read more

Congrats to all our winners – and to all our 2022 nominees. And a huge shout-out to everyone who voted in this year’s Colorado Sound Music Awards! This incredible music community would not be the same without each and every one of you. 


All of the 2022 Colorado Sound Music Award Winners

On the Rise – Big Richard

Colorado Spirit – Gasoline Lollipops

Outstanding Stage Presence – the Velveteers

Outstanding ‘Secret Ingredient’ – Daniel Rodriguez

Band You’d Drive 105.5 Miles to See – Gasoline Lollipops

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