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Colorado Sound Music Awards

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Which Colorado musician would you “drive 105.5 miles to see”? Which artist is “on the rise”? Which band has an outstanding “secret ingredient”? These questions and more are why we’ve launched our first-ever Colorado Sound Music Awards!

We think the Colorado music scene is second to none, and so the Colorado Sound Music Awards are a perfect way to showcase the extremely talented and hard-working musicians in our state. 

Five Award Categories

Starting today and running the entire month of August, Colorado Sound listeners can vote for their favorite Colorado musicians in five different categories.  

• On the Rise
• Colorado Spirit
• Outstanding Stage Presence
• Outstanding ‘Secret Ingredient’
• Colorado Artist You’d Drive 105.5 Miles to See

Meet the nominees of the Colorado Sound Music Awards

Check out our nominees page to see short descriptions of the categories and the Colorado artists nominated in each category. Note that the fifth category, Colorado Artist You’d Drive 105.5 Miles to See, is a write-in category. 


The voting form is live at the bottom of this page. Voting is live now through Wednesday, Aug. 31. Please only one vote per person, per category. Voting is open to anyone. You don’t have to live in Colorado or be a Colorado Sound member to participate. 

At the end of the voting period, we will tally the results and announce the winners to the public during the week of Sept. 5. Winners will be presented with their award and given a chance to “take over” the Colorado Sound during a weekend in September.

The Colorado Sound Music Awards are brought to you by the Wing Shack


Every person who votes also gets entered to win a pair of tickets to see Gorillaz when they play Sept. 28 at Denver’s Ball Arena!


Voting Form: Colorado Sound Music Awards 2022

Choose one nominee in each of the five categories. Please only one entry per person in each category. Deadline for entries is Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 11:59pm MT.

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On the Rise

Colorado artists who are new and on the rise.

Colorado Spirit

Colorado artists who are uniquely part of the fabric of our extraordinary state.

Outstanding Stage Presence

Colorado artists who have an incredible stage presence or captivating live show.

Outstanding 'Secret Ingredient'

A member of a band with outstanding impact, or people and organizations who have made a significant impact on the Colorado music world.

Colorado Artist You'd Drive 105.5 Miles to See

This is a write-in category for your favorite, currently active Colorado band or musician.