Colorado Music Spotlight: Kiltro

Colorado Music Spotlight: Kiltro

Colorado, welcome to the Kiltro sound. Of all the bands making music in Colorado, none have quite the aesthetic of Chilean-influenced band Kiltro. Combining an indie-rock feel with the sounds of Latin America, Kiltro released one of the more dynamic albums of the past year. Wash it all over with ambient textures, and you have one of the most exciting bands in Colorado today.

You voted Creatures Of Habit the number 36 album of the year, and Margot spotlighted Creatures Of Habit in her top 5, as well. 

Singer-songwriter Chris Bowers-Castillo is the brainchild of the group, drawing on the sounds of Latin American artists like Victor Jara, Atahualpa Yupanqui, and Inti-Illimani. Their single “The Hustle” was featured on NPR Music upon its release in the summer. 

The Colorado Sound’s fourth birthday party with Kiltro also features Son Little and Seratones, each bringing their unique brand of regional flare. 

After our birthday show, Kiltro head out on a tour that brings them to the Gothic in Denver, Nashville, Atlanta, and more.