Music 101 Honors Civil Rights

On Martin Luther King Jr. day, Music 101 examines the songs of the civil rights movement. Including news audio from the time, the songs chosen include songs that were sung within the movement and songs that made an impact in the charts, and beyond.

Find the playlist of the songs featured in the episode. 

Songs featured:

Louis Armstrong | “What Did I Do To Be So Black And Blue?”
Billie Holiday | “Strange Fruit”
Chuck berry | “Johnny B. Goode”
Brother Will Hairston | “The Bus Boycott Pts. 1 & 2”
Charles Mingus | “Fables Of Faubus”
Bob Dylan | “Oxford Town”
John Coltrane | “Alabama”
Freedom Singers | “We Shall Not Be Moved” (live)
Betty Fikes | “This Little Light Of Mine” (live)
Sam Cooke | “A Change Is Gonna Come”
Pete Seeger | “We Shall Overcome”