Cafune’s dreamy ‘Tek It’ takes you for a ride

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“Tek It’ is a breakout song for Cafune, a duo of former NYU students Sedona Schat and Noah Yoo, who started playing music together in college some 8 or 9 years ago. After eventually releasing their first EP (Love Songs for Other People), last year the pair released their full-length debut album, Running

The lead single from the album (and already a viral hit), “Tek It” has a dreamy, indie-pop melody that will soothe your soul, while at the same time the lyrics about a complicated relationship will get under your skin and make the ride a bit bumpier. It’s a cool song that gives in to no one. Check out the song (and the awesome animated video) below. 


When writing the songs on Running, Yoo tells Our Culture Magazine that “relationships” played a part in their approach. “Everything is a relationship,” he said. “Like, your relationship to another person, your relationship to the society that you live in, your relationship to your employer. And so a lot of the writing came from the framework of relationships, but it applies on a bunch of different levels.”

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And if you listen to the lyrics of “Tek It,” they’re centered around a relationship that has gone through some ups and downs and is…turning a corner. 



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