Ben’s top 5 horror movies

Our morning show host Ben is a fan of horror films, and with Halloween approaching he’s been talking about them around the office, sharing tidbits of his favorites. We asked him to write them so we could share them with you. Below are five of Ben’s favorite horror films (not in any order).

Ben’s Top 5 Horror Movie

It Follows

There’s something genuinely terrifying about something slowly walking towards you. It Follows is one of those movies that will make you question if strangers are following you… The premise of the film is a bit odd, but it’s so damn scary.


I love that most of this movie takes place in broad daylight. It’s so colorful and vibrant, but so creepy and will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. There’s a bit of humor in the film to take the edge off a bit, but it’s truly a unique horror flick. Also, cults are creepy.

The Thing

Sci-fi horror movies are so much fun. The Thing is one of John Carpenter’s best works. Even though it was made in the ’80s, the effects still hold up, and Kurt Russell is super cool as always. A classic “who-done-it” horror film.

The Exorcist

Truly one of the most iconic horror films ever. The soundtrack will be stuck in your head, and the acting is spot on. Not many horror movies set the bar as high as The Exorcist.

28 Days Later

There are zombie films, and then there’s 28 Days Later. The Rage Virus is so terrifying. These aren’t “undead” zombies, but people infected with a virus that makes them want to literally beat you to death in a fit of rage. A must watch zombie film!


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