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New Songs From Beach House, Courtney Barnett, and Okkervil River

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New Music, Feb, 15

This week is the week that keeps on giving with new songs. Beach House have a new one called “Lemon Glow”. Courtney Barnett is in with a much-rumored new song, “Nameless, Faceless”. And earlier this week, Okkervil River released “Don’t Move Back To LA”.

Listen to all three songs below.

The Beach House song is from an upcoming album, due later in the spring, according to the band. The album is yet to be named. “Lemon Glow” is both newly constructed and refreshingly distinct, all trademark synths and vocals. “It’s what you do / that pulls me through,” Victoria Legrand sings over chromatic guitar vamps. The song ends like a wave, landing softly on Beach House’s ethereal shores.

It’s equally good to have Courtney Barnett back and on her own. Her collaboration with Kurt Vile was a nice treat, but she shines as a songwriter when she’s in charge. The new song comes from Tell Me How You Really Feel, which is due out May 18. “Nameless, Faceless” is trademark Courtney. She teases us with anxious moments like walking home alone in the park. Moments later the erudite Barnett is eating “a bowl of alphabet soup” at the same time she’s scratching out some garage-y riffs.

And finally, Okkervill River offer the sunniest reasons to leave the forlorn places behind in the excellent “Don’t Move Back To LA”. It’s from In The Rainbow Room, to be released April 27. “Don’t Move Back To LA” is a shout out to all the friends and places that have passed us by – whether it’s LA or a whole different byway: “Well, in two more weeks I’ll drop this track,” Will Sheff sings. “And you can have your New York City back.”

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