Bands That Changed Their Names

Santigold, Nirvana, and The Verve are examples of artists that once had different names
Bands That Changed Their Names On Music 101

Sometimes, a band name works almost too well. Take the example of the band Americans know as The English Beat. Abroad, they were known as The Beat. They changed their name for American audiences because there was already a band from New York known as The Beat. It can be a finicky thing; it can also make the difference to having a hit and not. 

This week, we’ll highlight bands that changed their names and explore the stories and sounds these bands went on to create. 

Songs featured on this week’s episode:

The Verve | “Bittersweet Symphony”
The Charlatans |  “Codine”
The Charlatans UK |  “The Only One I Know”
Nirvana (UK) | “Rainbow Chaser”
Nirvana (US) | “Come As You Are”
Santo Gold |  “The One And Only Santo Gold”
Santigold |  “L.E.S. Artistes”
The Dust Brothers (The Chemical Brothers) | “Chemical beats”
The Dinosaurs |  “Who Makes The Moves”
Dinosaur Jr. |  “Freak Scene”
The Raconteurs |  “Steady As She Goes”
The Beat |  “Don’t Wait Up For Me”
The (English) Beat | “Save It For Later”