B-Side Hits

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The B-Side of a record is typically meant to be a “throwaway” song. The A-Side is the one destined for all the glory. Sometimes, though, the B-Side becomes the hit.

Listen to the full playlist of songs featured in this episode.

Here’s the list of all the songs from B-Side Hits

Elvis Presley | “Hound Dog”
Rod Stewart | “Maggie May”
David Bowie | “Suffragette City”
KISS | “Beth”
Queen | “We Will Rock You”
Kraftwerk | “The Model”
The Smiths | “How Soon Is Now”
U2 | “Sweetest Thing” (original version)
Pearl Jam | “Yellow Ledbetter”
Green Day | “Good Riddance” (original version)
Music out: U2 | “Sweetest Thing” (1998 version)