Watch Alisa Amador’s Tiny Desk Concert

The first Tiny Desk Concert in front of a live audience in 800 days features Alisa Amador, who is this year’s winner of the Tiny Desk Contest

“It’s such an honor to be here,” she says. “These Tiny Desk videos have been such an anchor for me. They helped me wake up and be inspired, be hopeful, and feel connected to other people. It’s very meaningful, beyond words, to be behind this desk today.” 

As NPR Music’s Bob Boilen writes, “Alisa grew up in Boston, Maine, Puerto Rico and Argentina, and was raised by Rosi and Brian Amador, her Latin-folk musician parents who play in the band Sol y Canto. She’s been singing since she was four, and has been entering the Tiny Desk Contest every year since 2018. Alisa also set her winning song to a lovely string arrangement performed by a Washington D.C. quartet and rehearsed for the first time just hours before the performance.”

Amador opens her four-song set with her Tiny Desk Contest-winning song “Milonga accidental.” 


Set List

  • “Milonga accidental”
  • “Timing”
  • “Slow Down”
  • “Together”


  • Alisa Amador: vocals, guitar
  • Jamie Oshima: guitar, keys
  • Noah Harrington: bass
  • Jacob Thompson: drums, keys
  • Kristin Bakkegard: violin
  • Nick Montopoli: violin
  • Paul Bagley: viola
  • Carol Anne Bosco: cello


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