50 Years Ago?! Albums Released in 1968

Aretha Franklin’s Aretha: Lady Soul helped make 1968 a truly landmark year.

It’s hard to believe 1968 was 50 years ago. 


Why was 1968 so legendary? For starters, the technology of the era was coming into its own. Musicians felt more comfortable experimeting with sounds, and new tools were being added to the studio to enhance recording. Even politically, there were important trends in society.  

Aretha Franklin began expressing herself differently and James Brown was rising to stardom. You had established acts like The Beatles challenging their listeners, and outside the mainstream you could have Dr. John’s debut album, Gris Gris, make a rise in the charts based on the music alone. It seemed all was possible, whether you were from Liverpool or Louisiana. 

To paraphrase a famous quote from the era: in 1968 The Beatles went to India, Johnny Cash went to Folsom and the Stones put a mobile studio in a truck. Anything, it seemed, was possible. 

Here are the songs featured on “50 Years Ago?! Albums Released in 1968”:

1. “Who Needs The Peace Corps” | The Mothers Of Invention

2. “I Walk On Guilded Splinters” | Dr. John

3. “Cold Sweat (Live)” | James Brown & The Famous Flames

4. “The Weight” | The Band

5. “Time Of The Season” | The Zombies

6. “Some Velvet Morning” | Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood

7. “Five To One” | The Doors

8. “Chain Of Fools” | Aretha Franklin

9. “Dear Prudence” | The Beatles