Album Of The Week: Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka’s third album, KIWANUKA, out now on Interscope Records is our Album Of The Week. The album is the follow up to Love & Hate, which went number one in the UK and introduced Kiwanuka to wider audiences in the US. Kiwanuka has been nominated twice for the prestigious Mercury Prize. 

The new album features Danger Mouse and Inflo, the duo that gave Love & Hate its signature sound: what some have come to identify as the social grittiness of Gil Scott-Heron matched with the soulful influence of Otis Redding.

KIWANUKA finds Michael exploring new subjects, as well. “The last album came from an introspective place and felt like therapy, I guess. This one is more about feeling comfortable in who I am and asking what I want to say,” he said in a release.

“Like, how could I be bold and challenge myself and the listener? It is about self-acceptance in a more triumphant rather than melancholy way. It’s an album that explores what it means to be a human being today.”


Kiwanuka will be at The Gothic Theatre on February 1.