Adia Victoria Takes Over The Colorado Sound

Photo courtesy: the artist

As part of our Album of the Week feature, Adia Victoria joined Benji for a new installment in our DJ Takeover series

During her Takeover, Adia traced a long line of musical influences from hip hop, R&B, and… Madonna! 

And, as a reminder, The Colorado Sound Presents Adia Victoria at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, on Friday, March 15. There are still some tickets available for what is shaping up to be one of the most memorable shows of 2019.

Her new release, Silences, is now out on Canvasback Music.

Silences is Victoria’s follow-up to 2016’s Beyond The Bloodhounds. It’s already being heralded as a singular take on Nashville-esque country and blues, with indie flourishes such as quick-snap drums, electronics, and horns adding tension to the whole outing. 

Here are the songs Adia played during her guest appearance as our Colorado Sound DJ:

  1. Basia | Run For Cover
  2. Faith Evans | You Gets No Love
  3. Missy Elliott | 4 My People
  4. Jamila Woods | GIOVANNI
  5. Brownstone | If You Love Me
  6. Betty Davis | They Say Im Different
  7. Bjork | Army of Me
  8. En Vogue | My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonnt Get It)
  9. Kittie | Run Like Hell
  10. Aaliyah | One In A Million
  11. Madonna | Ray of Light
  12. Afro Puffs | The Lady of Rage