Thank You For Making Our Music Meetings The Best Ones Yet

Thank You For Making The May Music Meetings The Best Ones Yet

Thank you!

Once again, a very big and heartfelt thank you for coming to our May Music Meetings. It’s wonderful to be able to share music with you, and have you take part in choosing what gets played on the radio.

We also want to extend a special thank you to Gro├čen Bart Brewery in Longmont,  Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland, and Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins for hosting these events. And a very tasty thank you to Wing Shack Wings, as well, for helping sponsor the Music Meetings. 



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View an extended slideshow of all three Music Meetings, taking in the fun times … until the next time!

As for all the music we played and you voted on, please find a playlist of all the songs below. Whether you voted all ones or all 10s on these songs, we hope you can enjoy, and that they bring back some fun memories!