2MX2 blends Latin pop and hip-hop on ‘Elegantè’


The fresh, high-energy sound of Colorado band 2MX2 is embedded in their single “Elegantè.” Initially released in 2019, the Spanish-language “Elegantè” showcases the band’s unique Latin pop/hip-hop style with a deep groove and an upbeat, dance-friendly vibe. Watch the animated video (above).

2MX2 is a five-member band including Owen Trujillo (aka 01), who was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, along with Denver natives Juice ET Hugo, Lolita, DMD, and Kenny O. 

2mx2 instagram post 2022

Trujillo was born in Mexico but grew up in West Denver. Here he shares a bit about his background and the Baker neighborhood where he went to school and got his first job. 

“Owen always tells the story that when he was growing up, he was shamed for speaking Spanish in school,” Lolilta told 303 Magazine during a 2020 interview. “They’d be like, ‘you know, this is America, you should speak English so we can understand what you’re saying.”
DMD’s perspective is different. “My grandmother was shamed for knowing Spanish, her mother was shamed for knowing Spanish,” he said. “So she didn’t teach my mom Spanish and my mom didn’t teach me.”
The band’s music, though, combines and ultimately transcends the heritage of each individual member…and even their cultural past. The music “shows where we are today and where we came from,” Trujillo told 303. “The Latin influence that we grew up with and the modern stuff that everyone is into now. What we do most of the time is make what was left for us better. That’s how we keep their traditions alive.” 


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