Your favorite Colorado Sound songs of all time

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UPDATE: Voting is now closed. The countdown begins Friday, Feb. 18 at 6am MT!  

What are the best songs you’ve ever heard on the Colorado Sound? You must have some all-time favorites. And we’ve love to hear what they are!

We are planning a massive song countdown – the biggest we’ve ever done! – and we want your input. Use the form below to share with us up to ten of your all-time favorite Colorado Sound songs.

We say up to ten, because that number is not required. You can submit a just a few, if those are the choices that strike you. Or even just one. Whatever you’ve got for favorite Colorado Sound songs, we want to know what it is.

The songs you pick can be from all different bands or the same artist. They can be solo acoustic songs, hip-hop grooves, big rock anthems, hard blues, or something you’ve heard on Torch and Twang.


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They can be brand-new songs, or they can be from decades past. 


The artists might be from Colorado, or from anywhere in the world. The choice is up to you.  



Once we get your submissions, we will tally the results and then count down all 1055 of them. Details coming soon! 




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